Posted by: sweetpea | May 19, 2006

That delinquent greenhouse again!

I didn’t get to spend any time at the lottie last weekend, nor will I be there this weekend, so to try and make up for it I was there till 8pm last night. I arrived just before a heavy downpour, standing in the shed to shelter I watched the greenhouse trying to escape into the next plot, being held back only by the apple tree. I ended up dashing out in the rain to pull it back to earth.

Eventually the rain stopped and out came the sun and a lovely rainbow 🙂

Having witnessed my greenhouse rebelling I decided that I need to take tougher measures than simply putting bricks on the bottom. Luckily I already had a cunning plan up my sleeve. I gathered some rope, pegs, bamboo canes and a mallet together, and set about trying to tie it down. I’m not convinced that it will do the trick especially since it’s going to be very windy for the next few days and I won’t be able to check up on my handy work until Monday. I turned the whole thing around too so that the entrance is facing the back with the hope that it will act less like a sail, and for added measure I reinstated the bricks with a few extra for luck. So fingers crossed it will hold until Monday at least. Thinking about it maybe I should have put it right in front of the apple tree so that at least that would put a stop to it escaping if the ropes don’t hold!

After fixing the greenhouse, I set about earthing up the potatoes. I’m finding growing potatoes in the narrow beds a little tricky in terms of spacing, but they’re growing ok so that’s the main thing. Next I set about putting up the support and netting for the peas, and planted the toilet roll containing pea seedlings. I checked on the seedlings in the cold frame and they’re all rearing to go, shall have to try and get them all in the ground next week. I suspect I have far too many Brussel sprouts having read they need to be planted quite far apart, but at least I can interplant them with other veg to make use of the space.

Just been looking at my pea photo and wondering whether I may have made a mistake in the way I’ve planted them behind the netting. Thinking it might make harvesting a little hard. Guess there’s only one way to find out!

I noticed my carrots have started to germinated, and also the beetroot, unless that was chard! So I will have to get the fleece over them early next week to deter the carrot fly.



  1. Great rainbow pic!

  2. Thanks 🙂
    I didn’t realise how quick you have to be to get a decent photo. It was actually even brighter than in the photo but it took me a while to get my camera out!

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