Posted by: sweetpea | May 23, 2006

The taming of the greenhouse

Yipee 🙂  

I called at the allotment on way to work this morning to check on the state of the greenhouse.  Although I’d been rather pleased with myself with what I thought was a pretty good job of securing it, I couldn’t help wonder on Friday whether it would actually stand up to the gale force winds we were experiencing.  So this morning I was fully expecting it to be in a bit of a state, but instead I’m even more impressed with my handywork.  It seems I have finally tamed the unruly beast by tethering it to the ground.  The only problem is that with all the rain we’ve had, it has been collecting on the roof in rather heavy pools, not good for the plastic.  I think I’ll have to make some drainage holes in the top to prevent this from happening again as I recon it probably puts too much strain on the plastic.

Another thing I noticed this morning is that the lottie is in serious need of a good haircut.  With all the rain, everything, but especially the weeds, is growing at full throttle and it’s beginning to look like it did last year in places.  I need to put down more black plastic I think to suppress the pesky weeds or I’ll be spending most of my time cutting it all back!  Runner beans haven’t surfaced yet, but the peas I planted last week seem to have settled in ok.  Hoping the rain stays off this afternoon so I can go and plant out some tomatoes and courgettes.  I know I’m probably risking it a bit with the weather but I have to get them out before the beginning of June.  I shall cover them with fleece to be on the safe side.



  1. yay!

    when you posted your first blog about it I decided to tie it down for a surprise… but you beat me to it! Glad it worked!

  2. 🙂 it was a nice thought even if I beat you to it.

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