Posted by: sweetpea | May 24, 2006

coffee grounds and ring culture

I’ve heard from various sources that Starbucks are bagging up their spent coffee grounds to give to gardeners for free, it saves them from having to dispose of them and gardeners get a valuable resource.  I’ve been meaning to check this out in town but keep forgetting.  This morning it suddenly occurred to me to ask whether the café downstairs use coffee grounds, so off I went to ask one of the staff.  She was quite enthusiastic at first but then started to think about all the objections her boss might have.  So she said she’d run it past her boss and see what the verdict was.  I went back a while ago to find out and they’re going to save the grounds for me tomorrow and Friday which should be plenty for my present needs.

So watch out you pesky slugs and snails!

Another thing I’ve been reading about today is the ring culture method of growing such things as tomatoes, cucumbers and melons.  The plant is grown in an open bottomed container which is placed on a bed of drainage material.  Water is administered via the drainage material bed and food is administered to the container. In this way the plant should never run out of water or be sitting in a waterlogged soil, and the feed doesn’t get watered down or leached out.  It sounds good so provided I can get myself organised I’ll give it a go with the melons I think.


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