Posted by: sweetpea | May 24, 2006

Soon we’ll be on our way to Italy

Last night Kim, Niall and I met up to talk about our forthcoming trip to Italy.  I still can’t believe how quickly it’s creeping up, a week on Saturday we will be jetting off rather sleepily to hopefully warmer climes.

Up until last night we hadn’t been able to do much planning as Niall was still in the throws of studying for his PGCE, but he has now finished.  Apart from booking flights, sorting insurance, and contacting Gianluca in Rome, we hadn’t talked much about what we wanted to see.  Luckily I think all three of us are interested in seeing the same kind of things, although I think Niall is maybe a little more interested in the nightlife, but I know once we’re over there I’ll be more enthusiastic about it, especially after my visit to London.  Living in York I’ve developed a dislike for going out at night at the weekend simply because there are hen and stag parties everywhere, but I know Italy will have a much different feel to it.  Hopefully we’ll find some salsa nights to go to at some point too.

So, last night we had a talk about things we’d like to see.  We decided that we should all have one ‘must-see’ then we can list other things of interest and fit them in if possible.  My must see is Lake Como and the mountains which I think we’ll do on our first full day there.  We can catch the train to Como and then there is a boat that goes the length of the lake so we can relax and enjoy the views, stopping at some of the villages too.

Kim’s must-see is the ‘Tarot garden’ which I think is somewhere near Pisa. Niall doesn’t have a must-see yet but I’ve lent him some books and he now has plenty of time to read and decide, so hopefully will come up with something interesting.

Kim and I also fancy visiting the Cinque terra on the coast.  It’s a series of 5 villages which are apparently quite hard to reach but well worth it.  There is a train that links them so I expect that’s how we’ll do it.  Would be nice to do a bit of a walk there too if possible.

Apart from this we’re hoping to meet up with Laura either around Pisa/Florence or in Rome.  We’ll be spending several days at the end in Rome staying with Gianluca and Hania.  We’re sleeping on the floor so will be taking my thermarest, and last night I discovered that my fleece blanket folds smaller than my sleeping bag so I shall be taking that and my silk liner.  

I quite fancy seeing Florence, and one of the hill towns in Umbria, but that all depends on what Kim and Niall want to do and what time allows.

It’s all getting so exciting, and although we don’t have a set itinery I feel much better now we have sat down and discussed it.  


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