Posted by: sweetpea | May 24, 2006



The first lupin (I was going to enter this in the BBC Chelsea flower show photo comp but turns out you need to submit another photo with today’s newspaper in it to prove it was taken this week. Will try and remember to do so tonight)

Can you tell which side I’ve been working on!
I have so much to do before I go to Italy a week Saturday:
  • Prepare the ground for my squashes
  • plant squash seedlings
  • finish digging the brassica bed
  • plant out brassica seedlings
  • sow leeks…sure I should have done this ages ago!
  • Plant courgette and tomato seedlings
  • give the lottie a haircut and maybe try and put some weed supressant down
  • finish the climbing french bean supports and sow the seed
  • and if I have time maybe plant the melons in the greenhouse although I think it might still be too cold.

The great thing is that I’ve found a babysitter for the lottie while I’m away, so at least I won’t worry about them all dying on me.


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