Posted by: sweetpea | May 25, 2006

I now have a working greenhouse :-)

It was a lovely evening to spend down at the lottie last night. I managed to get a bit more digging/weeding done on the brassica bed. I’ll probably have to start planting before I get to put the paths in. I finished mending the greenhouse door, so I can now use it. It was lovely and warm this morning when I stopped off to put some of my seedlings in it. I’ve been using my M&S reusable bag to transport seedlings from home to the lottie and it’s doing a grand job of keeping them undamaged. Last year I managed to break a lot of my courgette and squash seedlings whilst transporting them in a plastic bag, so I’m glad I’ve found another method other than asking friends for lifts.

I also carried on building the support for the climbing beans but had to leave it unfinished as I was getting cold and hungry by 7.30ish. I shall finish that off tonight I think.

Whilst I was busy finishing off mending the greenhouse I couldn’t help listen in to the conversation my neighbours at the back were having. They were 2 male Londoners trying to determine whether what they were looking at was carrots or weeds. I was quite amused when they commented that they should have written down what they’d sown where. That has to be one of the commonest lottie virgin mistakes, and I have to admit that I also made it. In fact this is the first year where I’m being really thorough, and so far it is paying off.

My fix it job on the greenhouse door, hopefully it’ll hold together for the rest of the season.


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