Posted by: sweetpea | May 25, 2006

I’m not strange!

Sometimes I think people may think I’m strange…..

  • I asked Kim to save cat hair for me
  • I asked the coffee shop downstairs to save used coffee grounds for me
  • I have people saving plastic bottles for me
  • I’m always looking at the contents of skips, in fact this morning I passed one with some lovely small pallets in it that might come in handy
  • I have been seen walking along with a huge bundle of willow canes on my bike
  • I transport grass clippings from the house to the lottie in my panniers, bit by bit.

I could go on…but I’m not strange, I just have a lottie and that’s what lottie people do 🙂  I love looking at things and trying to think of uses for them at the lottie.  I’m on the lookout for a free metal bed frame to create a ‘flower bed’, not my idea but one I saw a picture of ages ago and really liked.  I still haven’t used the willow canes although my plan now is to create some interesting wigwam structures for the squashes/pumpkins to grow up.  Which reminds me I need to check which are trailing and which are bush varieties.



  1. don’t forget you have dozens of eucalyptus sticks now too!

  2. well reminded 🙂

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