Posted by: sweetpea | May 26, 2006

Pallets galore

Last night after work I cycled back to the skip to check that the pallets I’d seen in the morning were still there.  I texted
Steve to confirm as he’d kindly agreed to pick them up for me, and cycled back to the lottie before I could come up with any ideas for using the scaffolding poles that were also in the skip!  A while later Steve dropped them off and kept a few for himself.  I’m not sure what I’ll use them for yet but when I saw them I thought they were too good to miss 🙂

I made some more progress with the endless digging last night, I recon I’ve almost finished the Brassica bed now, or at least enough to plant them.  I finished constructing the climbing French bean supports although I still have to actually sow the seeds.  I think I’ll sow some rocket, spinach and lettuce between the rows to make use of the space.  Steve also brought a piece of cardboard from the skip to use as a cover for the compost heap.  This is so I can remove the oversized piece of carpet I’m using at present and make better use of it as a weed suppressant.

I was about to start reading up about planting distances for the French beans when I spotted the weird guy in the distance so I decided to pack-up and leave as there didn’t seem to be other people about.  I don’t know what to make of this guy. He walks his dog through the allotments but has a tendency to loiter and stare. He looks a little bit as if he might have a learning difficulty but I’m not sure.  Anyhow I’m not the only one who’s noticed him, and he makes me feel a little uneasy so I think best to avoid him if possible.  He was loitering and staring quite close to my plot on Wednesday but my neighbours at the back were there so I stayed.  Recon I might mention it to the lottie secretary just to be on the safe side, especially since my friend recons he’s a flasher!

Oh, and Naree gave me some of their surplus leek seedlings last night too which is great because I haven’t sown any yet 🙂  I actually thought they were rice plants as they were in a container with no drainage, in a very waterlogged sloppy soil.  I shall have to remember to return the favour at some point.

I also wanted to mention that I bought the most fantastic potatoes from Tesco last week.  They’re the variety ‘Marfona’ which I already knew was my favourite, but these particular ones make the most amazingly ‘sweet’ and soft potato wedges in the world…very scrummy 🙂



  1. Scary!

    Bearing in mind how close the lotties are to the Retreat, it could well be a genuine local loony!

  2. Yes indeed, although I think he probably is harmless, will still be wary of him though just in case!

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