Posted by: sweetpea | June 1, 2006

L’Italia qui veniamo

This will be my last blog for a couple of weeks as I’m off on hols to Italy 🙂 Really hoping the weather will be better over there as I’m a little fed up of the cold at the moment.  I’d love to tell you what we’re planning on doing but I can’t as we haven’t really done much planning!  We’re spending the first few nights in Bergamo near Milan, probably visiting Lake Como, then off down towards Rome.  En route we’re hoping to visit the Cinque terra, a tarot garden, and see as much of the countryside as possible.  I’m really looking forward to the food, and being able to buy fresh fruit in the markets, mum has told me the peaches are to die for.  

Kim and I are a little worried that Niall won’t be up in time for the taxi at 4.20am on Saturday, but he has assured us that he isn’t planning on going to sleep so shouldn’t be a problem.  I’m also a little worried that he might not be up for getting up early while we’re away.  Now I know that while on holiday you’re supposed to chill out and relax, but there will be so much to see, and I am of the opinion that if you’re flying all that way you ought to see and do as much as possible during the day at least, then chill out in the evening.  I know Kim is thinking along the same lines but I’m not so sure about Niall, but I’m sure he’s probably pretty flexible, might just need a bit of a nudge now and again 🙂

Tonight we’re off to Leeds to give Claire a good send off.  She’s off down to the big smoke for a wee while, and we’re all going to miss her in a big way I think, especially Nik.  We’re heading to ‘Little Tokyo’ first to eat some fab food, and then heading to ‘Pueblo latino’ at ‘The Wardrobe’ to dance the night away.  Really looking forward to it as I missed the last couple of events, and it will be good to get a bit of practice with the old cuaban style salsa being as that is what they seem to dance in Italy.

Tomorrow I’ll be finishing off planting my seedlings at the lottie, and if I have time giving it a haircut.  Talking of which I had my hair cut on Tuesday by a very nice chap and up until this morning when I washed it, it looked fantastic.  However as is usually the case I have failed to re-create the look this morning!  

I shall be keeping a journal while I’m away so will hopefully have many tales to tell on my return…and hundreds of photo’s since I’ve just bought a 1GB card for my camera!

Arrivederci per ora!


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