Posted by: sweetpea | June 19, 2006

The body is back, but my soul is still in Italy :-)

Got back Saturday afternoon and already missing Italy loads, all except the traffic that is!  I have loads of stories to tell and loads of photo’s to share (digital cameras are definitely a hazard, I took 900 in total, but this includes all the duplicates and pictures of road barriers etc, so hopefully it will be a lot less once I’ve sorted out the good from the bad), so will be posting ‘tales from Italy’ sometime in the near future I hope.

Yesterday I headed over to the lottie to see how things had done while I was away.  I was a little nervous on the way over as I knew it had been hot here, and although I had a couple of friends watching over it, I prepared myself for the worse.  It was a little bit of a shock to see how much the weeds had grown, but great to see that almost everything was still alive even if some of it had been slightly munched.  The flowers are in bloom too which is really nice.  I tried to cut as much of the grass as I could, but I still haven’t quite got the knack of using the scythette so did most of it with the grass shears.  Also earthed up the maincrop potatoes, something I should have done before going away, but better late than never.  Planted my tomato seedlings and remaining squash plants, and made a start on the weeding.  Naree gave me a couple of turnips and some lettuce, which I had for tea…very tasty 🙂


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