Posted by: sweetpea | June 21, 2006

It’s the longest day

Well the longest day has crept up again which means I can soon start sowing things that are day-length sensitive, and hopefully they won’t bolt.  I didn’t know that Fennel is one such crop, which is probably why last year it didn’t come to anything, just bolted. Hopefully this year I’ll actually get some bulbs I can use, especially since it tastes so scrumy.  I think spinach may also be day-length sensitive, as might coriander, but don’t quote me on it as it’s something I’m only starting to find out about.  I remember studying it at Uni, but had never thought of applying it in terms of crops.  I guess it has a lot to do with biodynamic gardening which I tried a couple of years back but found that it was really hard to do when you’re working full time and have a busy social life!

You know, I think I need another holiday just to read up on all the gardening info I need to know about.  At the moment I’m just plodding along with a bit of a clue of what I’m doing, but I’m relying heavily on my instinct and common sense, rather than on things I’ve read in books.

One thing I have been reading about and I might have mentioned this before Italy (the journal is on its way but I suspect it’s going to take a while!) is ring culture and it’s use in Greenhouse growing.  So as mum is visiting this weekend, I’m going to make good use of the car to pick up pots, sand etc from somewhere and pot up my melons, peppers, Aubergines, and maybe a few tomato plants too if there is room.  Also realised that I’m going to have to move the greenhouse back a little as I didn’t think to leave sufficient room at the entrance to get in and out comfortably!  

The bottle idea I took from the Lasagna gardening book Sue lent me (which reminds me I must finish reading it and return it via Steve) has been a bit of a failure.  Basically because I’ve been using the waterbut water to fill them up, and the waterbut water has quite a bit of algae and debris in it, the pin prick hole in the bottom is getting blocked up.  So I’ve had to pull them all up, cut off the bottoms and invert them all so I can actually use them to water and feed rather than having the water just standing in the bottles taunting the plant roots!  I did like the idea though so might try and think of a way of preventing the hole from getting blocked in future.


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