Posted by: sweetpea | June 23, 2006

Strawberry and Basil pesto

I discovered the Chocolate & Zucchini blog a month ago whilst looking for almond croissant recipes, and was rather taken by it.  It’s written by a French girl with a passion for cooking, full of recipes that sound so scrumptious.  I was reading it yesterday and came across a recipe for strawberry and basil pesto. I looked down the list of ingredients, and for once I actually had all of them in the house, so I printed out the recipe and took it home to try.  I had it with some linguine pasta and it really was very tasty, kind of a bit unusual especially since its pinkish, but it really worked.  And it all came about because the girl just looked in her fridge for inspiration!  

I think I’m going to be trying a lot more of her recipes in the future if they all taste so good 🙂

I also made a batch of elderflower cordial last night, it’s amazing how much sugar goes into it, but it does make a very refreshing summer drink.  I wonder if there are any recipes out there with less sugar in them.  I guess you could possibly use honey as a natural sugar but that would make it more expensive to make.


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