Posted by: sweetpea | June 30, 2006

Another evening down the lottie

I popped to the lottie again last night on the way home as it was such a lovely evening. I do love the warm summer evenings as you can enjoy the warmth without worrying about burning.

As always there are still loads of jobs to do. Last night I tried to find room for the remaining tomato plants I have. I squashed most of them in but whether or not they will bare fruit I don’t know but at least they’ll have a go. I also planted out my spring onions and corn salad amongst the shallots and carrots, and the marigolds amongst the tomatoes and runner beans. The sweet peas seem to be growing much better since I planted them into the ground and there are some flower buds forming so I’m looking forward to enjoying them.

I checked on the squash plants and was excited to spot one squash already growing and another 2 female flowers developing, I’ve earmarked both for use in seed saving so I’ll have to keep a close eye on them and be ready to fasten them up when the time arrives.

On the way home I saw a toga party going on by the river, I had to look twice to make sure I wasn’t just seeing things, but no, there were indeed a group of around 12 girls all dressed in billowing white material and 1guy dressed in a peachy coloured ensemble. I wish I’d had the guts to take a photo. Instead I have a few photos of the wildflowers that are in full bloom at the lottie thanks to the plants Steve gave me a couple of years back. I do love them, especially the blue ones (unfortunately they were closed last night), and they provide a good screen too. I have yet to sow my wildflower meadow, and I suspect that might have to be repositioned to the front of the lottie. I keep putting it off because my main reason for having a lottie was to grow my own veg, but I do still want to encourage wildlife, it’ll just have to wait a little longer that’s all.


Foxglove and visitors!

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