Posted by: sweetpea | July 3, 2006

A rather hot but good weekend at the Lottie.

Despite the heat over the weekend I managed to have quite a productive one especially at the lottie.

Saturday morning I went into town, and after getting slightly sidetracked by the sales I picked up a fitting for my hosepipe that would enable me to fit the nozzle attachment. Then I popped to the market to buy some fruit for the week, I think if I can get myself more organised I could quite easily avoid going to tesco’s almost completely, well that’s the plan anyhow. Tomorrow I’m hoping to pop to ‘Alligator’, a local organic shop, to see what they have in the way of veg until I can start picking more of my crops.

My garlic crop.

After grabbing a quick lunch at home and slapping on the suncream I headed down to the lottie. Despite the heat I was determined to get the rest of the melons, aubergines and peppers planted up so that their roots could spread and hopefully they’d start to grow a little faster. It took me all afternoon, but I got it done, and potted up my lemongrass too. I was doing all this in my bikini top being as it was so hot, but unfortunately the weird guy made an appearance, and as the site was pretty empty due to football I figured I should maybe cover up more just in case. Maria at work has been in touch with our site secretary today and apparently he’s a regular, probably with a learning difficulty and apparently nicer than he looks. So I feel slightly better now although I think I’ll still feel a bit uncomfortable when he’s around.

As it started to cool down I went to fetch the hosepipe from next door and attached mine to it and the nozzle before trekking over to the tap to turn it on. I quickly found out that the nozzle is a bit leaky so I was almost as wet as the plants by the time I’d finished watering, although it did make the job a lot easier and had less impact on the soil. Also before leaving I set up the rat poison by the compost heap so hopefully it will work and I’ll get to eat some peas and sweetcorn this year.

Who’s been eating my peas?
Saturday evening I have no idea where the time went, I had thought of getting a bit more of my ironing done but somehow I didn’t have time. I did have time to make a Japanese omelette though, and I’m not really a fan of eggs, but this was really scrummy so I shall be making it again. I did have fun trying to roll it up, somehow I couldn’t quite get it to look like the one in the recipe book, it was more of a dollop rather than a neatly rolled up thing! And I almost forgot to mention that to go with the omelette I had my first meal of new potatoes and courgette from the lottie 🙂

Sunday morning I headed back over to the lottie this time to build some trellis structures for the melons to grow up. But before making a start I headed over to the shop to see if they still had the 2 waterbuts I’d been eyeing up last week. They did indeed, so I bought one to start with, and once I’ve figured out whether I can fit the other one in too, I might buy that one too. I’ll need some connecting bit’s and pieces and taps, but hopefully it’ll mean I can have a better supply of rainwater, which is of course better for the plants than tap water. I also found out from Ernie that one of the plot holders had his shed burnt down Thursday or Friday evening and I think I saw it happening but at the time didn’t realise what was going on.

My first attempt at pollinating for seed saving

Back to building the trellises, thankfully the morning was a lot cooler than Saturday, and there were even a few refreshing showers, so working in the greenhouse was a lot more comfortable. I started by placing a bamboo cane vertically in each of the ring pots, then after tying them to the top greenhouse horizontal pole, I set about tying horizontal bamboo canes at regular intervals so as to make a grid. I was pretty impressed with the finished product, and set about repeating the procedure on the other side. Then I tied the melons to the nearest support to train them up the trellis. Thinking about it now, and having read more about aubergines and peppers I wish I’d mixed up the planting more than putting in a row of melons, but I’ll have to remember that for next year if I have success this time.

It was a pity I’d left my seeds at home because the cool weather would have been ideal for sowing some more veg, but I was also getting hungry so headed home for a very late lunch. After lunch I set about trying to fix the hosepipe nozzle,but cuoldn’t figure out why it was leaking. Giving up on it I turned my attention to the pond pump that had ceased working a while back. With a bit of patience and logic I managed to get it going again so was pretty impressed with myself.

Sunday evening was the advanced salsa class. As Kim wasn’t going I ended up cycling over, and I’m glad I did as I really enjoyed the class, although I did leave feeling that Steve was annoyed with me. Turns out that he wasn’t annoyed with me, but I had been right in picking up some kind of vibe from him. I have often wondered whether I could give up salsa to make life a little easier on myself, but I enjoy it too much, and I definitely couldn’t give up my friends.


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