Posted by: sweetpea | July 5, 2006

Kestrel aerial display

I spent a couple of hours down at the lottie again last night trying to tackle the grass and bindweed problem before giving the whole plot a good watering.  Came across a rodent in the compost heap, not sure if it was a giant mouse or a young rat, it was kind of in between in size, but I suspect it was probably the latter of the two which isn’t a good sign.  Think I’ll try burying some of the rat poison in the heap.

Just before I was about to leave I saw something fantastic.  I heard this bird calling and as it sounded like a bird of prey, I looked up to see a Kestrel flying towards me overhead.  Then I noticed that it was flying towards another that had a mouse or something in its beak. The first one then attempted to take the mouse off the second one but failed at the first attempt. It tried again and this time was successful and both flew into the trees.  I recon they must have been a pair, probably the male bringing back some food for its mate.  But how cool was that 🙂 you see these things on wildlife documentaries but you rarely see them for real unless you’re very lucky.

I was also rather amused last night by mum preferring to watch big brother than talk to me!  She really is hooked.


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