Posted by: sweetpea | July 6, 2006

Permission granted

I emailed the council allotment officer this morning to ask when I might hear about my greenhouse, and I got a reply saying that the plan looks ok so I can basically go ahead and the official notification will be in the post.

Yay 🙂  I think I can allow myself to get a little excited now.

So the girls and I will be commencing operation greenhouse next weekend.  I think I’ll pop down on Sunday to clear out the inside and figure out the best way of doing the job in my head.  The only slight thing that concerns me is that the nuts/bolts will be too tight for us to undo, but I guess we’ll figure that one out if it is the case.  Not sure what tools would be best to tackle the job, have read that round nose pliers are good for taking out the clips, and I have one pair at least of them.  Might ask the guys on the Allotments4all forum what they’d recommend.

Also must remember to buy some labels and marker pens this weekend for marking everything up.  Recon coloured stickers might also be handy.

Oooo………how exciting 🙂


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