Posted by: sweetpea | July 17, 2006

Greenhouse dismantling

This weekend was supposed to be when we’d dismantle the fantastic greenhouse I had earmarked for the lottie. However, after spending an hour on Sunday morning labelling the glass with Natalie and figuring out how to tackle the task, I finally admitted defeat. The job was going to be much bigger than I’d anticipated and would have relied too much on asking friends to help, I’m sure they would but I don’t like asking too much. Also I’d had at the back of my mind the fact that it will get vandalised at the allotment, so all in all I decided that despite being a great size, it wasn’t worth all the effort involved.

So instead Natalie, Steve G, Steve R and I headed to the lottie to take down the old greenhouse already there. I had thought that I could maybe repair it, but it’s a good job I didn’t because it was pretty rotten! We managed to take it down in just over an hour I think. S I will now prepare the area ready for another greenhouse and keep my eyes and ears open for another more manageable one 🙂

Kim and Caroline turned up a bit later so we had a nice chat and did a little watering before the heat got too much.

Now you see it….

…. now you don’t!


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