Posted by: sweetpea | July 21, 2006

The courgette glut has begun!

The courgette glut is an ongoing joke with allotmenters.  You plant more seedlings than you think you’ll need just in case some of them fail, and then you don’t have the heart to remove one when they all make it through the tough seedling stage.  So inevitably you end up with tons of courgettes, especially if you’re also watering them.  The more you pick the more they produce, and the only alternative is to leave them to grow into marrows, which in my opinion is a waste since marrows taste awful.  There’s no chance of giving them all away because pretty soon you’re friends and family will have become tired of the dreaded question ‘would you like some courgettes?’.

So what do I do with my glut of courgettes?  Well last night I roasted the18 I picked this week.  I find that roasting them reduces them in size and so they take up less room in the freezer.  I did this last year and found that they freeze really well like this, and when you want to make a pasta sauce all you have to do is pull a batch out.  I did the same with my tomatoes.  I shall carry on doing this until I’ve filled the freezer!  I wonder if Gustav would let me have a little freezer in the garage!



  1. hi just spotted your glut problem someone on our forum had same issue so i posted your idea. you can see some more recipes for courgettes and toms on here

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