Posted by: sweetpea | July 27, 2006

Leave my squashes alone!

It’s amazing how much growth can happen in 5 days.  I went to the lottie last night to check up on things and give it a good watering and I was amazed.  The French beans are nearing the top of their supports, the squash plants have grown even bigger, and the rocket and stir-fry mix are doing great.  But it wasn’t a surprise to find a couple of giant courgettes!  My watermelon has grown from the size of a small grape to almost tennis ball size, and I think there are a few more starting to develop too.  And I spotted some aubergine flowers open.

A not so nice discovery was that although the squashes have grown loads whilst I was away, some little b****r has been nibbling at them, in fact I know for sure it was the rat from the fact that there was a big chunk eaten out of one and all the seeds eaten, and what was worse was that this was one of the ones I had pollinated for seed saving purposes…Grrrrr.  So I decided that although the squashes should have been left on the plants until the plants die, it was too much of a risk loosing any more, therefore I harvested all the ones that seemed to have finished growing.  It would seem that the rat is able to tell when they’re ready before I can, and it was the same with the sweetcorn last year.  I’m now leaving them in the sun at home to see if the skin will ripen to aid storage.

This morning I picked my first blackberries for breakfast, and some rocket for lunch 🙂  What a great feeling it is eating stuff you’ve grown.


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