Posted by: sweetpea | July 31, 2006

Catching up with a few jobs

I had another busy weekend, hardly stopping at all.  I popped into town Saturday morning to pick up some groceries, but found myself getting distracted again!  I obviously need to get the old whip out!  In the afternoon I got stuck into some housework, aired the tent, did 3 lots of washing and tidied my room.  Later on I cycled over to Steve III’s bbq, caught up with Hania and Gianluca, and Andrea and Charles who I’d not seen for ages.  I happened to comment on the fact that I couldn’t believe it hadn’t started raining, and of course the very next minute it started!  I just wish it would work when I say it at the lottie.

Sunday was spent down at the lottie, almost 7 hrs in total!  I really have to try and limit the number of hours I spend down there as everything else gets pushed to the side for a rainy day, except we’re not getting any rain so it’s all building up.  The trouble is it’s so addictive once I’m down there, and unless I actually have another ‘engagement’ to go to it’s really hard to drag myself away, especially since there are always jobs to do.

I’ve finally planted the leek seedlings that Naree gave me at the beginning of June; I hope I haven’t left it too late.  I noticed that the Cabbage white butterflies are still finding their way into the netting, and I even noticed one clever one managing to get out again too rather than flapping around until they die of exhaustion as they normally do.  I didn’t have time to check for caterpillars, so I’ll have to do that one evening this week.  I read today that planting dill amongst your brassicas can help deter cabbage white, so I shall try that next year.

After the episode of the rat feasting on my squashes, I decided to try and make some cages to house the squashes.  Making them out of chicken wire was the idea, but I only got as far as making one for the West Indian Pumpkin as it was so fiddly and hot.  (oo, I’ve just looked out of the window and it’s raining, doesn’t look like much, but it’s better than nothing!).  I guess I’ll try and make some more in the week, but will have to come up with a better idea next year I think.

I staked the tomatoes and tied them up so they’re not sprawling as much.  I also tied in some of the melon side shoots; although I think I need to pinch out the tips to encourage them to fruit.  I spotted another melon growing although I can’t remember what it’s called.  As the climbing French beans were starting to shade out the salad leaves I’d sown underneath them I removed some of the foliage from around the bottom of the plants to try and allow more light in.  I also got on top of the weeding, or at least some of it!

After doing all of this, I then got to do what all the hard work is for….harvesting 🙂  And boy is it worth it, I really love just wondering through the allotment deciding what I’m having for tea and then choosing a veg to go with it, and of course harvesting yet more courgettes!  I also enjoy being able to stop on my way to work to pick some blackberries for breakfast and some salad leaves for lunch….  Growing your own really is worth all the effort and I think more people should do it.


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