Posted by: sweetpea | August 4, 2006

I think I need to got to AA!

I think I need to go to AA (allotmenters anonymous),I was at the lottie until 8pm last night!  As usual I’d gone down after work just to do a few things, and then all of a sudden it was starting to get darker and it was 8pm!  I’ve never figured out quite how that always happens….I guess I just get a bit too pre-occupied to notice time passing.

I tidied up my melon plants, removing any surplus side shoots, and tying in those that I’d decided to keep.  I had no idea how to decide which shoots to keep, especially since they were so tangled up, so I just looked for ones that looked like they might have some female flowers on them.  I pinched out the growing tips on most of the shoots to see if that would encourage more fruit formation.

I spotted a few more melons developing 🙂  The watermelon is grapefruit size now; I think I need to give it more food, although I don’t think it will get that large anyhow.  And I’ve already decided that next year I will have less melon plants because that greenhouse is far too small for 7 of them!  I’ve also been trying to hand pollinate a couple to try and get seeds for next year, but it’s tricky as the flowers are so small, so I’m not that confident that I’ll be successful.

I also sowed Cipa di Rapa, Sibilla Chard and some more carrots after digging up some more potatoes.  After cooking them last night I found them to be floury, which is great because I want to use them to make gnocci to freeze.  I shall dig up more tonight and make the gnocci at the weekend.  I also harvested a big handful of climbing French beans, which I blanched for 2 mins and then froze.  


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