Posted by: sweetpea | August 10, 2006

Identifying Squashes!

I’ve just been trying to work out what varieties the melon and squash fruit I have. The problem with both plants is that as they are vines so they have a tendency to romp away and it becomes very hard to work out which fruit belongs to which plant, even if you know what variety each plant is.  So I’ve been googling to try and work it out. 

Of the melons, I already knew that one was a watermelon because the plant itself is quite distinctive, very different to the other melons. The other melons however all look the same.  So far I only have one other fruit growing, and it looks like it is a ‘Petit Gris de Rennes’ one, which is fantastic because apparently these have a fantastic taste.  I also think I have a ‘
Minnesota midget developing, but that one is easy as it’s the other side of the greenhouse.

Now for the squash, which are a little harder as they’re bigger and the huge leaves make it even harder to differentiate which vine belongs to which plant.  ‘Delicata’ is easy to recognise as it is the only one I’m growing that is a bush variety.  ‘Trombolino’ is also easy to identify as it has a pretty distinctive shape.  ‘Jack be little’ has also been easy to recognise because of its small size and bright yellow and orange skin. 

What were left were ‘Blue Kuri’, ‘Jaspee de Vendee’, ‘Marina di Chioggia’, ‘West Indian pumpkin/Calabaza squash’, and butternut.  The butternut was easy to spot because I’d grown it last year and it has quite a distinctive shape too.  ‘Jaspee de Vendee’ also proved easy to spot after finding a photo of one.  Then I was left with 3, all of which didn’t look like the photo’s I’d seen in the seed catalogues.  The biggest of which was a dark green, and I had thought it was the West Indian pumpkin, mainly I think because that was the only one I had no idea what it looked like.  However, this week the skin has started to get knobblier, and it’s beginning to look more and more like the ‘Marina di Chioggia’.  So this leaves 2, and from googling, I think I know which is which, although it’s the opposite way around to what I’d originally thought.

So it seems, at the moment I have:

  • 1 Marina di Chioggia squash
  • 1 Blue Kuri squash
  • 1 West Indian pumpkin
  • 1 Butternut squash
  • about 6 ‘Jaspee de Vendee’ squash
  • 8-9 ‘Trombolino’ squash that I can see
  • 5-6 ‘Delicata’ squash so far
  • and loads of ‘Jack be little’ pumpkins!

So that should keep me going through the winter as long as I can get the skins to cure properly etc. 🙂


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