Posted by: sweetpea | August 17, 2006

More melons :-)

I popped to the lottie on the way to work this morning to pick some courgettes, rainbow chard and rocket for a colleague.  As usual I couldn’t help having a look around to check on everything, even though I’ll be going again on my way home!


I got really excited in the greenhouse, because I spotted another melon developing 🙂  I think it’s another ‘Petit Gris de Rennes.  So I now have one ‘

Black Mountain’ watermelon, 2 Petit Gris de Rennes, and one Minnesota Midget.  I read this morning in one of my books that once one fruit has started to develop on a melon, then no other fruit will develop, which I guess is why I only have 1 watermelon despite thinking that a couple of the other flowers had set, and also why all the other melons that seemed to have set and grew to about an inch long before dropping off. So apparently the trick is to prevent any pollination at all until you have 4-5 female flowers open at the same time, and then you let the pollinators in so all the female flowers are hopefully pollinated at the same time.  This way you should get a few fruit developing.  Reading this made me feel better, and that maybe my hand pollinating technique wasn’t to blame for lack of fruit!


I also noticed that my chillies are starting to turn red so I think I’ll start to harvest them as I don’t like them too hot!  Also not sure how hot these chillies are so better to be safe than sorry 🙂  The peppers and aubergines are growing away nicely, from the look of the fruit it looks like I have both ‘Black beauty’ and ‘mohican’ aubergines.  I wasn’t sure what had germinated as the labels got mixed up!


I really must sow some more seed though before it gets too late. I have packets at home waiting for me to sow them but I never seem to find time!  I shall be at the lottie on Sunday though so maybe I should get them done then.



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