Posted by: sweetpea | September 12, 2006


Yesterday I took the day off to await the arrival of my new freezer.  It arrived around mid-morning and as it was such a lovely day I thought I’d leave the unwrapping until later.  So I headed over to the lottie to make the most of the fine weather. I finished weeding the leek bed I’d started last week, so I can now see them as opposed to looking at a bed of tall weeds trying to make out where a leek might be! 

After lunch, Rim arrived with Audrey and Coralie so we headed off for a little walk to see the cows on the stray and down to the University lake.  I took it upon myself to watch Audrey leaving Rim to look after Coralie.  I think it did me good as I’ve always had very little confidence with children, but having these little snippets of interaction is great.  The only slight problem is that Audrey mainly says things in French, so I have no idea what she is saying and Rim has to translate, but I talk back in English, trying to encourage her to answer in English.  Rim is worried that she is going to have difficulty learning English at school and will fall behind, as both her and Fred speak French to her at home.  But I think she’ll be fine once she’s in a predominantly English environment, in fact, when I took Audrey to see the children’s allotment while Rim was changing Coralie, she was quite happy speaking English.


Once Rim and family had left, I returned to work at the lottie.  I weeded the root bed and sowed some Japanese onions and red onions.  Then it was a quick watering in the greenhouse and down to harvesting.  2 Aubergines, 3 red peppers, 1 butternut squash, 1 trombolino squash, 1 delicata squash, 1 kohl rabi, loads of runner beans and a handful of French beans, and a bag full of tomatoes. 

Just before leaving I thought I should check the remaining potatoes for signs of blight, and it’s a good job I did.  Although I’m not certain what I saw was blight (dark patches with a white powdery looking edge to them under the leaf), I thought it best to be on the safe side, so I cut back all the foliage down to soil level, and bagged it ready to put in the skip.  I shall have to keep a close eye on the tomatoes now, last year the Gardeners delight seemed to take a lot longer to succumb, but Marmande seemed to be affected by something pretty early.


Back at home I set about using the Blue Kuri squash to make my favourite butternut recipe.  I’d found it starting to rot where the rat had been nibbling, so knew I had to use it as soon as possible.  The recipe involves roasting on a high temperature the squash cut into wedges with some red onion quarters and garlic cloves, glazed with some olive oil,Tabasco and salt and pepper mix.  When it is almost done you toss in some goats cheese, green beans, flaked almonds, drizzle over some tamari and maple syrup, and put it back in the oven for another 7-9 minutes.


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