Posted by: sweetpea | September 14, 2006

Worth the wait

Yesterday I finally got to pick and eat my very own home grown sweetcorn after a three year wait.  And it was well worth the wait, so sweet and juicy,I could have eaten it twice over!

first sweetcorn 

I’ve been growing sweetcorn for the past three years, and have never had any trouble with the actual growing or producing cobs, what I do have problems with is the harvesting.  Why do I have problems I hear you ask, surely picking a few cobs can’t be that hard?  And you would be right, but what I hadn’t bargained on was trying to outwit the resident rat and pick them before he decided to have a nibble.  Up until yesterday he had beaten me to every single one!

 Last year I tried painting the cobs with garlic and chilli in the hope it might deter the little b****r, but it didn’t work, in fact I’m sure the rat probably enjoyed them even more.  This year I decided to grow them one last time before giving up.  I decided to try the plastic bottle method someone on the A4A forum had suggested.  You take a 2pt plastic milk bottle and cut a slit up the side from the mouth to the bottom. You insert the bottle over the cob and secure it closed with some string.  And it works 🙂  So we shall see if it works for all the other cobs too, if it does then I shall keep growing them now I’ve tasted how good they are. 

protected sweetcorn 


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