Posted by: sweetpea | September 21, 2006

Elderberry cordial

This is not a recipe as such, more of a record of what I did so that if it tastes good I can make it again next year.

I took the berries off the stalks, this took ages! then placed them in a pan and covered with cold water.  I cooked them until they were soft, then strained the liquid.  To the liquid I then added quite a lot of sugar!  I think I had about 2ltr of juice and added about 1.5kg of sugar.  I also popped in some cinammon and a clove.  I then boiled this for a while (can’t remember any of the timings!), stiring occasionally and having a taste.  I left it to cool down overnight andthen froze it.  Have not idea yet how nice it is.

As you can see this is a very vague recipe, but it’s better than nothing!



  1. The quickest method I know to part berries from stalks (it works for currants as well) is to run the bunch through the tines of a fork. You may get some bits of stalk left but provided the fruit needs to be strained and you only use the juice it doesn’t seem to matter. Have just discovered your site. It’s great.

  2. Thanks Sue, I shall remember that for next year, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that as it’s so simple.
    The cordial tastes great so I shall be making it again I’m sure.

    What a fab name for an allotment site ‘Fairyland’ is 🙂

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