Posted by: sweetpea | October 4, 2006

Ravenscar walk

Yesterday I finally made it out for a walk with the York Outdoor Group.  After last weeks failed attempt due to wearing myself out on the Saturday I made sure that I didn’t overdo it this time.  I had a little trouble with the old anxiety first thing, and at one point it almost got the better of me, but I managed to get a grip and head out to meet the rest of the group.


We met at a local car park, and my first impression was that they seemed a really nice bunch of people.  As expected I instantly forgot everyone’s name apart from a couple of the guys, for some reason I seem to find easier to remember the names of guys better than women!  I was relieved when Ling and Ned arrived, although everyone seemed really nice it’s always nice to have someone you already know at hand in these situations just so that you can take your time to mingle as opposed to being dropped in at the deep end.


So after introductions, being shown where we were going, we piled into several cars and headed off to Ravenscar on the coast.  We put on our boots, had a quick last pop to the loos, and set off.  We headed towards Robin Hood’s Bay along the coastal path. Just before reaching Blubberhouses we decided that it would be nice to walk along the beach since the tide was going out.  We’d almost reached Blubberhouses when we were confronted with a short stretch of beach where the tide hadn’t retreated enough.  Not shallow enough to walk through in our boots we had 3 options: retracing our steps and following the cliff-top path; waiting for the tide to retreat completely; or take off our boots and socks and wade across.  We opted for the latter, quickly removing our boots and stepping into the cold but refreshing sea 🙂 

After our little paddle we continued on our way to Robin Hood’s Bay, had a quick loo stop, and then off again a bit further North and inland.  We stopped in a field of sheep for lunch, and were convinced that there was a group of 3 stealth sheep gradually approaching but pretending to eat so we wouldn’t notice!  But it turned out that they were actually eating grass, and they weren’t in the slightest bit interested in our sandwiches 🙂


After lunch we started to head back in the direction of Ravenscar, along country lanes and old railway lines.  We got caught in a couple of light showers, each time debating whether to get the waterproofs out.  Just as we’d put them on it would of course stop raining!  But eventually we did have a really heavy downpour that definitely warranted donning our waterproofs.  We carried on our way along the old railway line, by now with a view of the sea again.  We’d had beautiful views during the morning with the sun out, but by now it was hard to tell where the sea ended and the sky began, quite mystic really.  I really wish I’d had my camera with me, but I’d left it at home to try and keep the weight down.


By the time we arrived back at the cars it had stopped raining.  We quickly changed out of our wet gear and headed over to the tearooms for a hot drink and cake, or an ice cream as some people seemed to favour.  All in all it was a fantastic walk and a lovely group of people.  I shall definitely be going out as often as I can from now on.  Although I will have to watch who’s walks I go on, the pace was just about at my limit, so I’ll have to avoid Neil’s walks as I’ve heard he is one of those people who’s there one minute and then miles away in front the next!


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