Posted by: sweetpea | November 1, 2006


On Saturday, Mum and Huw came over for a quick visit.  I popped into town in the morning to pick up a few things for lunch, including some Pancetta from a little Italian deli
Gianluca had recommended.  It was a fantastic little place, full of cheese, cured meats, pasta, and jars and tins of various Italian delicacies.  I shall definitely be popping back there I think


I cooked a butternut squash risotto for lunch, and although as usual I had underestimated preparation time, I think they enjoyed it.  We then set off to pick up the WhizzGo car I’d booked for 3 hours.  Having not driven for at least 2 years I wanted someone to ‘hold my hand’ for my first drive.  It was surprisingly straightforward, you just hold your swipe card up to the computer inside the front windscreen, it checks you have a booking, and then unlocks the car. You then have to enter your pin into the onboard computer to access the key, and off you go J 


We headed to the lottie so that I could make good use of 2 cars to take the remains of my old greenhouse to the skip.  Between the three of us we got all the wood and glass into the cars in a couple of trips. Then I checked how much time we had left on the booking and realised that we were going to be lucky if we made it to the tip, unloaded and got the car back in time!  We slowly made our way to the tip, the glass making me nervous about going too fast!  With military precision we quickly unloaded the cars while I also called WhizzGo to let them know I was likely to be a little late returning the car, not a problem, they simply extended the booking by half an hour as there was no-one after me.  In the end we returned the car just 5 minutes late, but next time I will be booking it for the morning when there should be less traffic, and I’ll be better organised!


It was great to get the old greenhouse moved though, it means that I can use that corner of the plot again, and plan what to do next.


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