Posted by: sweetpea | November 6, 2006

Mulch, glorious Mulch….

I booked another WhizzGo car on Saturday to go and pick up some leaf mulch a freecycler was offering.  I drove to the address and found a converted church with a huge garden, or more accurately a huge lawn and a very neat veg patch.  I was shown where the leaf mulch was and told to help myself.  There was a huge heap of it, and I only had time to fill 4 bin bags full before I had to leave, making sure I had enough time to return the car on time.  It’s the only problem with York, the traffic in the city centre is always bad, and so although you may have booked the car for 2 hours, you don’t actually get to make full use of the time because you have to make sure you have plenty of time.


I emailed the freecycler this morning to thank her and to ask if there was any of the leaf mulch left.  She replied that there was plenty and that I’m welcome to go and collect more at any time.  So I shall pop over again this Saturday, but this time I’ll fill the bags before picking up the car I think, so I have more time 🙂

It really was a glorious weekend weather wise, and I really should have made more use of it.  Saturday afternoon I headed over to Kim’s to survey her garden for my garden design course.  It took ages, and seemed quite a chore, but I think that was because I was cold and hungry.  I quickly realised what the tutor meant when she said it helps to have a helper!  I will have to go back again next weekend as I still have the trees and pond to measure.


Sunday I had meant to go walking, but I overslept slightly and realised that it was going to be too much of a rush to get to the pick-up point on time 😦  I was really tempted to head over to the lottie instead, but managed to convince myself that I really had to get some more odd jobs done rather than putting them aside again.  I replaced the rear breaks on my bike with new ones, they’ve needed doing for a few weeks now and I’ve been conscious of the fact that now is not the best time of year to have dodgy breaks!  I also gave the bird feeders a really good clean, so I shall fill them up sometime this week and put them out.  I just love watching the birds in the winter.


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