Posted by: sweetpea | November 10, 2006

I love Howies :)

I came across Howies a couple of months back while looking for more eco-friendly clothing. They’re based in Wales, which in itself is enough to win this Welsh girls affections,  but add to that the fact that their clothing is eco-friendly (not sure about fair trade, although I’m pretty sure it’s probably near enough) and you’re onto a winner.  Not only is the clothing eco-friendly, but the company itself is eco-friendly, I’ll leave you to have a read on their website.   I just love their philosophy, they even have a library that you can borrow book from to read up on eco type topics 🙂

The following was give as travel info for their sample sale this weekend in Bristol, I love it 🙂 

If you come by train then it’s a very easy 15 minute walk from Temple Meads railway station.
If you come by bike there is a nice courtyard to lock it in.
If you come by bus it stops outside.
If you come on foot they have refreshments in the bar.
If you come by skateboard bring it in.
If you come by car there is very very limited parking.

I wish more companies thought like Howies and People tree .


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