Posted by: sweetpea | November 14, 2006

Another busy weekend

Weekends are far too short these days, so much to do and never enough time to do it.  This weekend was no exception.  It started off with collecting some more leaf mulch for the lottie.  I was a little more organised this time so only booked a car for an hour.  I cycled over to where the mulch was, filled 5 bin bags of mulch, then went to fetch the car 🙂  I was tempted to stay at the lottie to do some work, but it was far too windy, I did manage to remove the plastic cover from the greenhouse as it looked as if it would take off at any moment.


After lunch I headed over to Kim’s to finish surveying the garden. I have to confess that this surveying lark is a tricky business and I don’t know how you would manage it single handed on a real job.  My measurements aren’t as accurate as perhaps they should be, but they are as near as I can get, and for the purpose of my project they will be fine.  I’m really getting into the garden design thing though, and have plenty of offers of gardens to design for practice.  It would be great if any of them get made up 🙂  By the time I’d finished and had a chat and cup of tea to warm up, I was too late to head to Tango class, so I headed home and caught up with a few things there instead.


Sunday morning it was my turn in the lottie shop.  It was a gloriously sunny morning so I sat outside rather than endure the bitter cold inside!  It was fairly busy for a change, people making the best of the fine weather.  By the time I’d locked up the best of the weather had gone, but it was still fine enough to spend the rest of the afternoon on the plot.  The intention had been to start digging the asparagus bed, however as we have an extra green waste skip arriving next weekend I thought it would be worth taking full advantage of the opportunity to clear some plant material.  I pulled up the marigolds as the frost had killed them, and then set about pruning the bramble hedge.  It was quite tricky trying to avoid the thorns whilst taking out the old wood and this years fruiting wood, to just leave the new shoots for next years crop.


After removing the plastic greenhouse cover on the Saturday I thought it best to dismantle the frame too. It has done its job well this year, but I don’t know whether it will survive another season next year.  The cover has quite a few large tares in it, so it will depend if I can stick it back together.  But as it seems to be getting warmer maybe I needn’t worry too much, I know other folk have been growing things like melons outside, so maybe I should concentrate my efforts on making some cloches with the window frames I have.



  1. Fantastic site! I’ve just taken over an allotment outside Reading and I found your page whilst Googling ‘winter lettuce’.
    I’m completely new to the experience – I’ve already been found out by some of the older hands on the plot. The allotment seems to broken down equally into youngsters, families and resentful old men (I have a few conspiracy theories about this ‘upside down plastic bottles on canes’ thing going on amongst their ranks) so there’s a chance to have a chat and a laugh as well as to get the occasional scrap of grudging advice.
    Anyway, I shall be checking back regularly, especially if my lettuce and winter broad beans come to nothing.

  2. Hi Chris, glad you enjoyed reading 🙂 There are so many good lottie blogs out there, I love reading about what other people are growing, especially as it gives me ideas of what to try next. You should check out Allotments4all forum, there are loads of very friendly people there always willing to help answer questions.
    Good to hear you have a lottie of your own. It’s very hard work, but so rewarding, although I find it does have a tendency to take over your life sometimes! Good luck with your lettuce and broad beans, I haven’t got around to planting my beans yet, I think I’ll start them off in toilet rolls this year as the mice ate all but one of them last year 😦

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