Posted by: sweetpea | November 27, 2006


Work has been busy lately so I’ve not had time to blog, so I thought I’d just quickly do an update on things. 


I’ve just been down to
London to visit an old Uni friend, it was lovely to catch up although the weather was miserable so we had to abandon our planned walk around Highgate and Hampstead and instead went to the Tate Modern.  I seemed to spend the whole weekend feeling hungry because Vicki didn’t seem to bother with lunch whereas I’m always snacking on something, and make sure I have my 3 meals.  I really can’t work out how people can go through a day without eating!  I also had a quick hot chocolate with my brother before I headed back to
York, he has grown a beard which I think really suits him, although I don’t think mum approves (no surprise there though!).


I’ve been really busy with the garden design course, struggling to find time to catch up with the work, but I don’t feel too bad as I know everyone else on the course is in the same situation.  Last weekend I popped back over to Kim’s to do the site analysis and the brief taking. I already have loads of ideas I’d like to include in the garden, but I know I’m going to have to make sure I don’t over complicate it or it will end up looking too hectic rather than the desired restful 🙂  I have so many books and magazines I want to read, I just wish I had the time!  I was rather proud of myself the other night though as I fashioned a drawing board out of an old mirror, making it much easier to do the work at home.


I haven’t made much progress at the lottie recently.  I fetched some more leaf mulch last weekend, and collected 2 bags of leaves at the house, now I need to construct a container for it as I don’t expect to use it until later.  I’ve also pruned most of the bramble hedge back, taking out all of this years fruiting stems to make way for the new ones next year.  I’m getting quite excited about the sprouts, it’s the first time I’ve grown them and I can’t wait to have some for xmas dinner this year, together with the parsnips. 


Oh! and one more thing, I went to an Energy champion training session last week and it was great.  Everyone was really interested, and the guy giving the training did a really good job.  I came away with loads of ideas on how we can reduce our energy usage at work. I also came away wanting to give a presentation at the next staff meeting, but I’m not sure I have the confidence to do so yet, I think I’ll try putting one together and then see how I feel.  All I need now is for work to get slightly less busy so I have some time to spend on it!


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