Posted by: sweetpea | January 9, 2007

Note to self…..

….. never try and carry 10kg of sand for any significant distance again!

 I popped into town during my lunch break to do a few things, one of which was pick up some sand.  Why do I need sand?  Well, being as my asparagus crowns arrived on the 21st of December, and I have yet to finish preparing the bed, I need to store them until I can plant them.  I got in touch with Seeds of Italy to ask whether  it is ok to store them and how to do so, and they replied saying that they would store ok in sand for up to 4 months.  I’m hoping I’ll get them in the ground before then but I also know that it will be a little while yet before I finish preparing the bed, so instead they are going to have a little sleep in a bed of sand  🙂

I ordered my seed potatoes yesterday from Alan Romans, haven’t used him before but I liked the website so hopefully they will be ok.  Another reason for picking him was that he stocks my favourite potato, Marfona..they make the most gorgeous potato wedges and roast potatoes.  I’ve also ordered ‘Lady Balfour’ as it’s another I’ve tried lately and liked. But no first earlies this year as I’ve decided potatoes take up too much space and there are so many other things I want to grow!


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