Posted by: sweetpea | February 2, 2007

A couple of photos to brighten up the place :-)

The lottie in winter

This is the plot as it looked in December, you’d hardly believe it was winter would you!  It is in need of some serious weeding, especially as the mild weather has meant that a lot of things haven’t died back much.  The weeding is still a work in progress!


I just love teasel despite it’s tendancy to self-seed everywhere, but it’s easy to spot the seedlings and remove them from where they are not wanted.  I just love the structure of the flowers, pretty lilac in the summer and then great architectural seed heads in the winter, I always try and leave them up as long as possible before cutting back.  The birds love them too, I often arrive at the plot just as a few finches are leaving the dinner table!



  1. I’m a big fan of teasels myself…an indelible part of my hedgerow childhood. I always associtate them with that time after the blackberries, and before the frosts, that is no longer Autumn, but isn’t really winter either.

  2. That’s got me thinking, and I don’t have any memories of seeing teasel when I was little, but I do have plenty of going blackberry and bilberry picking, arriving home with a full belly and purple hands 🙂

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