Posted by: sweetpea | February 27, 2007

It’s always worth a quick look….

Melon book

I was in town lunchtime getting my garden design copied.  As I was passing close to the Oxfam book shop I thought I’d just quickly pop in to see wheather they had any interesting garden related books (inspired somewhat by mtp latest post).  I came across this little gem (Melons: An Heirloom Gallery by Amy Goldman), not exactly a bargain at £4.99, but it looked too interesting a book to pass up.  I’ve only had a flick through it so far, but it has info on 100 heirloom melon varieties (accompanied by some lovely photos), and how to grow, pollinate etc.  Although I had success last year with 3 of my melon varieties, I think I could do better with a little more knowledge.


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