Posted by: sweetpea | March 1, 2007

First seedlings of the year

Broad bean seedlingsI’ve been meaning to add a photo of my Broad Bean seedlings ‘The Sutton’ for a week now.  They’ve been growing nicely in their toilet rolls and are I think ready to plant out.  I still haven’t worked out the layout of my beds yet, but I plan to get them in on Sunday as their roots are starting to escape through the cardboard tubes.  I was going to put them outside to harden off a bit, but it’s been so windy that I was worried they might snap, so instead I’m going to make little windbreaks out of plastic bottles to hopefully make sure they settle down in their new home OK, and also keep the slugs from munching at their perfect little leaves.

If these are a success, then they will be my first homegrown broad beans since childhood.  Dad used to grow them, but I was never too keen on them as the skins were so leathery. I have since learnt that you are supposed to pick them when they are young and tender, so fingers crossed I will get the chance to give them another go this year.



  1. hi my name is jonathan blackhall and i need help on growing a alotment if you have any tips then please can you send me some thanks.

    ps if you can’t then then thanks any way if you can then send them to

  2. Hi Jonathan
    I’d recommend looking on

    You’ll get plenty of help there if you have specific questions.


  3. Hi there
    Your broad beans look really healthy. I’ve started some off in my greenhouse so fingers crossed – I was beset with chocolate spot problems last year so I’m hoping for better luck this time.

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