Posted by: sweetpea | March 9, 2007

Finished at last.

On Wednesday night I finally handed in my garden design and portfolio.  We’ve been working on our designs and portfolio since Christmas having spent the period before Christmas learning the different techniques and principles of garden design.  It really did feel like I’d had a weight lifted off my shoulders, I seemed to have spent the last month spending every spare minute working on one section or another.  Although I have enjoyed the garden designing itself, I woun’t be sad to see the back of that portfolio, and get some time back to myself.  I don’t know whether you’ve done a course recently, but what a pain in the neck it was to have to plough through all the paperwork, refrencing here and there, and trying to work out which section everything fitted in, by the end we all felt it was a bit of a joke!  And to think that I’m hoping to go on and do another course, I just hope that one isn’t the same!.

I have to confess to being ever so slightly (well ok, very) pleased with my end design. There are a few bit’s I’d change but they are to do with the actual plants because I was trying to keep to the recommended number, in reality I would have included some more.  So being as I am rather pleased with myself, I thought I ought to share, so here are a few photo’s. I haven’t had Kim’s opinion yet, hope she likes it as it would be really cool to have it turned into reality even in part.


The Masterplan


As it would look from the house.


Mood board.


Section drawing of the Japanese garden.



  1. Well done!

    You missed a pretty rainy weekend by the way. I hear it was lovely weather everywhere else.

    Could I ask a favour?

    I read your blog using a news reader. There’ll be a setting somewhere in the admin of wordpress enabling you to choose to publish full or partial site feeds. Don’t suppose you could change it to full instead of partial as then it’s much easier for me (and other people who use readers) to follow the blog.

    I’ll have to tell you about newsreaders at some point if you haven’t come across them – very useful things.

  2. OK, I shall have a play and see what I can do, but can’t promise anything. I do know a little bit about news readers, in fact even got around to joining one, but hasn’t really appealed to me, but then I haven’t explored it fully enough. Which reader do you use because maybe if I tried a different one Iood like it more.

    Seems you had the rain I was expecting on the Sunday then! Hope you had a good weekend, will maybe call you at the weekend if you are around.

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