Posted by: sweetpea | March 13, 2007

New Project : RHP

Over the weekend, well Sunday to be exact, I was sitting in the garden enjoying the sunshine and wishing I hadn’t listened to the weather forcasters on Friday. Because they’d said it would rain on Sunday, I’d been to the lottie on Saturday, endured the cold (at least it was dry!), lifted the remaining leeks so that I could weed the bed ready for this years crops, and weeded some of the paths.  I know you might ask why weed the paths, but they do look really untidy, and they are supposed to be weed free due to the weed membrane I put down except that last summer whilst watering the beds, some of the soil was running onto the membrane enabling weeds to grow. Shall be edging the beds this year I think.  I also planted half of the asparagus crowns as it was a leaf day, according to my book, asparagus is both a leaf and a root vegetable, and as I couldn’t decide which to classify it as I decided to do half and half, so the other half should hopefully be planted on Thursday morning before work as it’s a root day.

Anyway, I digress, as I was saying, I was sitting in the garden on Sunday enjoying the sunshine when I started to wonder if Gustav would allow me to have a go at tidying up the overgrown back border.  I asked and he said yes 🙂  So my new project was born.  Now I’m no expert gardener by a long shot, but I do have some knowledge and a lot of common sense, so I see it as a means of practicing my skills and hopefully learning about some new plants.  I recognise some of the specimens in question, but others I’m not so sure about, so I’ve asked the peeps at A4A for some help with identification. 

So I guess I should introduce you to the border as it is at the start.  As you can see it is rather overgrown!  It is good for the birds though so I will have to watch I don’t disturb any nests in the process.img_8330-bed-at-start.JPG


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