Posted by: sweetpea | March 13, 2007

RHP: Stage 1

I decided to stay in my comfort zone for my first foray into the new project.  There is a buddleja in the border, so I thought ‘what better place to start than with a plant I know how to prune’. So in I went with my secateurs, loppers and pruning saw, and set about pruning the buddleja right back.  Having successfully completed the buddleja I was feeling confident enough to approach a couple of the nearby shrubs. Not knowing what they were, but knowing that their shapes left a lot to be desired, I pruned them back to some healthy looking young shoots near the base of the shrubs, or areas where I thought I could detect possible buds.  We shall have to wait and see if I did the right thing.  I guess CB was right in saying that they have 2 choices, they can either live or they can die, so hopefully they have a will to live 🙂  I think I’ll read up a bit more on pruning before I tackle stage 2 just to pick up anything I should look out for.

So here is Stage 1 before:


and After:


And here is how the whole bed looks now:


For Stage 2 I plant to tackle the following mass, I have no idea what it is yet, but I can tell it’s going to be a big job!



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