Posted by: sweetpea | March 14, 2007

Peas and Aubergines

As yesterday was a fruit day, I spent last night sowing some peas and Aubergines.  I’d pre-soaked the pea seeds (Sugar snap Delikett, and Mangetout ? variety) the previous night,and of course had soaked far too many, so I shall probably plant the leftovers direct once they’ve sprouted.  I realised that I haven’t actually got any garden peas, so I shall have to pick up some from the lottie shop at the weekend. 

I’m quite excited about the aubergines, as I have 5 varieties this year: Black beauty, Diamond, Rosa Bianca, Pin-tung long, and Thai long green.  I’ve sown 3 seeds of each with the intention of just having 2 plants of each, although I suspect when it comes down to it, if all seeds germinate, I’ll have difficulty disposing of the unwanted ones.  My back-up plan is to pot any extras up and take them to work to have on my windowsill, or possibly see if anyone would like them. 

Every morning since I sowed my sweet-peas and Lablab beans, I have been checking to see if there as been any signs of life, and this morning I was rewarded.  I still get really excited with the anticipation of new life, there’s something very magical about waiting for seeds to germinate and for the little seelings to show their little heads.



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