Posted by: sweetpea | March 20, 2007

Making plans

Last night I stayed behind at work to meet a lovely guy called Alistair from Leeds Met. He didn’t arrive till 7pm, by which time I was rather hungry, and of course my anxiety levels had got higher than I’d have liked, but still I’d managed to keep them relatively under control…I long for the day when meeting new people doesn’t turn me into a nervous wreck!

So, back to Alistair and the meeting, or rather chat. 

Since starting the garden design evening class I’ve just completed, I’ve been feeling a strong sense of having found my vocation in life, something I’ve been searching for for a long time now.  So I started to explore the options for furthering my study and making it a career choice.  I settled on Leeds Met because of it’s great reputation, and it’s links with Harlow Carr, and the fact that they do a series of pre-degree courses, which allow you to gradually progress in stages, and eventually if you wish, enter the degree at the end of the second year.  Now I’d been hoping to enter at their level 2 course, but I’d wanted to discuss it with someone to make sure I wasn’t trying to run before I could walk.  Over the weekend I’d re-read the course details, and managed to make myself feel less certain about entering the level 2 course as I didn’t feel that the course I’ve just finished was deep enough in it’s coverage.

Alistair had a look through my drawings and portfolio to get an idea of what level I was at, and then basically said that he felt that I could either do the level 2 or the level 1 course. It was good to know that I could indeed go straight to the level 2 course, but he did stress that it would probably be very challenging, whereas the level one course would be a lot of work, but that it would enable me to gain the in depth knowledge that I feel I lack.  So I pretty much decided there and then to go with my gut feeling, and go for starting with the level 1 course, I think despite having to wait 6 months to start it, I will gain a lot more from it and gain more confidence.  In the meantime I need to discuss with the boss taking the days off work I will need, and I can spend the spring and summer exploring local gardens and landscapes, and developing my plant knowledge.

I’m really quite excited now.



  1. Good for you Chick.

    By reading each other’s blogs, we share a few highs and lows, both on and off the allotment. You clearly believe you both can and want to do this, so go for it.

    I’m at a life changing stage as well, and thinking about how I can engineer the perfect profession I’m looking for.

    From solidarity comes strength,…so best of luck to you.


  2. Thanks GM 🙂 Good luck to you too, I’m sure you will come up with something perfect.

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