Posted by: sweetpea | April 10, 2007

Glorious groundcover

A week last Friday I attended a workshop at the RHS gardens at Harlow Carr.  Its been a fair few years since I last visited so I was hoping to have the opportunity to have a wonder around the gardens either as part of the workshop or afterwards.  As expected I was the only attendee under 60! although I guess that’s not surprising since the course was on a ‘workday’. 

Our tutor, Judith Briggs I think her name was,  was really good.  I hadn’t known what to expect from the workshop, I was hoping that it would increase my plant knowledge a little.  We basically covered a range of groundcover plants that can be used for different situations and to give interest at different times of the year.  Although I did know some of the examples given from looking through my books, it was really useful to receive recommendations and advice from someone with experience e.g. whats good for a large space but probably not a good idea if you’ve only got a small garden! 

In the afternoon she took us on a walk through the gardens to try and show us examples of the plants we’d talked about in the morning session.  They’ve certainly done a lot since I was last there, and now I am an RHS member I will have to make a few more visits later in the year to see how it looks through the different seasons.  I had another walk around after we’d finished so that I could take some photo’s for comparison later in the year.

I came away from the workshop feeling that I had got to grips with groundcover, having struggled when I was designing Kim’s garden.  In fact while we were talking and walking around the gardens I was already making changes to the planting plan of the garden.  I shall now be looking out for some more useful workshops in the coming year, although it’s a pain that they don’t tend to run them on a weekend!


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