Posted by: sweetpea | April 16, 2007

Finishing touches to the pond.

As it was such a lovely evening last night, I decided to finish off potting up the new pond plants so that I can leave the poor toads in peace, they must be really fed up with me by now meddling with their home!

First off, I potted up the white waterlily I received from a freecycler.  I’d looked how much these were at the garden centre on Saturday, and they’re £15, so I’m pretty chuffed that I got one for nothing, although I’m not sure how well it will do in the pond as it doesn’t get full sun, but it’s worth a try.  I had some fun putting it in the pond though. I had my waterproof sandals on as I knew I would have to get in, but boy was it cold as I lowered my foot slowly to the bottom! 

After successfully potting up and positioning the waterlily, I then did the same for the Aponogeton distachyos, carefully positioning it on the bottom. Next I potted up some of the floating oxygenators as I’d removed the lead weights from them not knowing what they were for!  I bought some more oxygenators on Saturday, but this time left the weights on having read that they were there so that the plant could sink to the bottom and root in the soil, seems so obvious now!

Finally I potted up the Caltha palustris (Marsh marigold), Mentha aquatica (Water mint), Equisetum Japonicum, Carex, and the Myosotis scorpioides (Water forget-me-not).  I’m not 100% sure that they are now in their final positions, I want to let them grow a little before deciding, and also the planting around the pond margin is only just starting to appear so it will be good to see how it will all look together.

It’s really amazing to see how quickly new creatures have arrived in the pond.  Last night I spotted the first water boatman, I assume it arrived on a ducks feet, or maybe in amongst the roots of the waterlily.  Then there are a few pond skaters, not sure if they fly.  Although the ducks might be helping to bring in new creatures, I want to try and discourage them as I don’t want them eating all the tadpoles and new plants, but so far my only tactic is chasing them off.  The problem is that I don’t want to scare off the other birds that use the little pool at the top, although I wouldn’t be sad to see the back of the wood pigeons as they keep pooing in the pond! 

The tadpoles still haven’t hatched although they are growing inside their little eggs. I expect it will be a while before the toadspawn reaches the same stage.  The algae seems to be growing pretty quickly so I’ve added half a straw bale until the waterlily and Aponogeton establish themselves and cover the pond surface.  I shall post some more pictures when the plants are more established, and the hostas have fully unfurled their leaves 🙂


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