Posted by: sweetpea | April 20, 2007

Biodynamic update

This morning I was ready to admit that I might have to veer slightly away from the moon calender when it comes to sowing my parsnips.  Yes I know I’m a bit late sowing them, in fact until last week I thought I was too late having read in my book they should be sown Feb-Mar, however my seed packet says sow Mar-Apr, so I’m going with that.  However the end of April is looming closer, and I’ve missed this weeks ‘Root days’, so I was starting to wonder whether I should just go ahead and sow them this weekend. I thought I’d try and find out when I sowed them last year, and was surprised to find that it was actually the 8th May last year.  I know it was a late Spring last year but I don’t think that would be a major factor being as my book says sow in Feb!  And given that I grew some fantastic parsnips last year, I’m hoping that my late sowing this year will yield similar results.  I think I might still sow some this weekend though, as I have yet to sow any ‘control’ seeds of anything for comparison of yield.  I shall be using the pole method again as it was so successful last year.

I do tell a little lie when I say I haven’t planted any controls yet for comparison because I have actually done so with my gladioli bulbs.  I planted all but 2 bulbs on a flower day, and the remaining 2 were planted on a non-flower day.  So we shall see which are the most successful at flowering.  I suppose I also did a little bit of a trial with the Asparagus as I planted half on a root day and half on a leaf day, and so far there has been a difference in the emergence, although I can’t remember which were which so will have to check up on that.

 All my other seed sowing has been going well apart from the aubergines.  So far only 2 of the ‘Black beauty’ seeds have germinated, I suspect they haven’t had enough warmth underneath, so I think I shall try another batch of the seeds I have remaining, and possibly invest in a heated propogator for next year.  I missed out on any seed sowing this week because I had other things to do, but hopefully I’ll get some more sown over the weekend and into next week.



  1. Hi there
    I’ve stumbled across your site while Googling and I’ve spent 1/2 an hour reading when I should be doing cleaning chores! I’ve started my own garden vegetable patch for the first time this year. Being a complete novice – I am going to just bung everything in – in a unregimented “seed packet advice” method – and see what happens. I will certainly be catching your updates on this blog! Thanks for a great, informative read.
    D – Nottingham

  2. Hi Dawn, I’m glad you found it interesting. I love reading other peoples gardening blogs, always new ideas and tips to be found 🙂 I’m pretty disorganised with my seed sowing generally because it is hard fitting it in with work etc. But even though a lot of it is trial and error, I always seem to have plenty to eat which I think is the most important thing 🙂 I’ve found that I’m a little more organised this year at least in terms of not sowing too many of everything, but still have loads of preperation to do down on the plot to make room for everything!

    Good luck with your veg patch, it will be well worth all the effort 🙂
    SP x

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