Posted by: sweetpea | April 25, 2007

Rain storage

I was getting on with even more digging over the weekend at the lottie, and while the dry soil made things a little easier in terms of removing the soil from the roots, I couldn’t help wish that it would rain.  Now it has rained, the lottie is starting to look much greener, and not in a good way!  More rain means more weeds, in fact it’s amazing how quickly they grow, I’m really going to have to get some more weed suppressant down over the weekend. 

 I was on shop duty on the Sunday morning and met a lot of the new allotmenters, of course they come into the shop after advice thinking that we will know the answer to everything… alas I try my best, but I too am learning, although I suppose I do have more experience.  I did meet Fiona though, who helps out in the shop on occasion, nice to put a face to a name, and she had a fantastic bike trailer, I really must look into getting one as it would be so useful.  I also met Rebecca who organises the petanque games, so I will have to try and ake it to a few sessions this year.

My other job at the weekend was to get on with linking my new waterbuts.  I have 3, bought from our allotment shop, 2 were definitely previously used to transport vinegar, but the third has a very strong chemical smell to it (although it could be vinegar I guess) so I’m going to have to give it a good clean before I can store water in it.  I set about clearing an area down the side of my shed and covering it with some membrane to keep the weeds down. 

Before I started drilling I realised that I had better think things through properly because there would be no going back once I’d started drilling!  I’d printed off some really useful info from this website on how to link waterbutts.  I figured linking them at the bottom would work out best, but then looking at the waterbutts themselves I started to wonder whether I would actually be able to fix the pipes in place from the inside.  There was of course only one way to find out, so I tipped one of them on it’s side and reached inside.  That’s one of the advantages of being slim, it’s amazing how small a space you can get into 🙂  So linking at the bottom it was to be, that way I would only need to fix one tap to the chain of waterbutts.

As there were a lot of people around I was putting off getting the drill out, not that I’m a feeble girl or anything, it’s just that I’m not that experienced with drills and I didn’t fancy being watched.  But eventually I realised that I was just going to have to get on with it.  I quickly found out that either there is a knack to drilling a 26mm hole through plastic, or a cordless drill isn’t the best tool for the job.  I seemed able to get it to go through so far and then it would just keep catching.  To get passed this I just replaced the big drill bit with a smaller bit to make smaller holes around the edge so that I could at least make some kind of hole.  I will have to file down the remainder to get it circular once more.

Next weekend I shall finish the drilling and link them up hopefully with some help from Maria. I still need to get a few bits from B&Q as both times I went last week, they’d either sold out, or there was no access to the outside area!  I still need a tap, some piping to link the diverter on the downpipe to the waterbut, and I guess some kind of brackets for holding the pipe in place.



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