Posted by: sweetpea | May 14, 2007

Borrowdale walk

Saturday morning I was up nice an early at 7am, jumping in the shower before everyone else (I find the going to bed early and getting up before everyone else so that you get a hot shower is such a good strategy in these situations ūüôā ), unfortunately although there were 2 showers we soon found out that there didn’t seem to be sufficient hot water for 10 showers! I sat in the little conservatory eating my cereal and enjoying the birds singing in the garden whilst I waited for everyone else to wake up.¬† As I sat there it started to rain so¬†we’d probably made a good decision on the walk the previous evening. Once everyone was ready we hopped in the cars and drove towards Keswick and then down to Borrowdale, Seatoller to be exact, where we parked. It was still raining lightly at this point so on went the waterproof jackets but as it was only light we decided it didn’t warrant waterproof trousers too.¬†


Our route, hope it’s clear enough!¬†


A miserable start to the day…¬†

So from Seatoller we headed out of the car park to the right and up the road to a footpath on the right, then it was a bit of a climb to get the hearts pumping (I hate having a climb right at the start, I much prefer a bit of flat first so my muscles can get used to the idea that they aren’t just going for a stroll), still in the rain, before heading on the flat towards Castle Crag. After about half an hour the rain stopped and pretty soon the skies started to break and we were rewarded with a little sunshine, which gradually increased as the day progressed, we couldn’t believe how lucky we were.


…but the weather brightened as we headed down past Castle Crag towards Derwent water.


I love ferns, and these were a fine example, so green and fresh at this time of year, coming up through the dead red fronds of last year.

We walked for quite some way through some lovely woodland, patches of bluebells coming up through the moss covered floor, in amongst the ferns.  I love ancient woodlands like these, they are so magical, so alive, I could quite believe that there mightbe little fairies and elves living in amongst the moss hummocks and tree trunks. The path emerged alongside the River Derwent, with Castle Crag now behind us to the right.  We carried on along some country lanes and through Grange to the southern end of Derwent Water.  We crossed the marshy bit using the boardwalk, and stopped on the edge of the River Derwent for our lunch.  We sat watching some small fish swim up and down the bank, I have no idea what they were, maybe minnows or sticklebacks, and a mother mallard teaching her 4 small ducklings that humans = free food if your lucky.


Looking back at Castle crag.


The gang.


May blossom on Derwentwater.

We crossed the river and after a small detour to the nearby toilet (what a luxury to have actual toilets en route, beats squatting behind a bush!) we headed down the road¬† south¬†for a little while before taking a path up High Ladore (hope I’ve got that right).¬†We followed the path past a lovely waterfall to Watendlath Beck, and followed the beck until we reached Watendlath Farm.¬† Here we stopped for a well earned cup of tea and an ice cream…. this walk really was full of little luxuries ūüôā


One of the many cute spring lambs we passed en route.


A view of  Watendlath Beck

Feeling refreshed, and my back had certainly appreciated the rest, we headed up onto Grange Fell, towards Jopplety How (what a fantastic name) where the views over Derwent Water were amazing. I took a panorama shot of the view but don’t know if you’ll be able to see it well enough.


Looking down at Derwentwater


Borrowdale Panorama 

From Jopplety How we headed back down into Borrowdale, towards Rosthwaite. Annabel, Mike, Gill and I were abandoned half way down by the others when we stopped to remove a couple of layers and have a drink.¬† When we started off again there was no sight of the others so we carried on along the footpath assuming that others would wait for us if they were turning off the path.¬† We walked for quite some way, getting a little more uncertain the further we walked until we arrived at a T-junction.¬† Liz had pointed out where we were heading earlier so as we seemed to be heading away from Rosthwaite we took the right turning, and eventually arrived in Rosthwaite to be met by Phil and Steve running towards us.¬† They had finally realised that we were missing and started looking for us.¬† Of course they had turned off the path earlier but didn’t think to check that everyone knew that!!¬† Never mind though, us girls and Mike knew what we were doing, we’d have found the cars on our own no trouble ūüėČ

The last stretch was along the road back to Seatoller, during which time we decided to eat in the local pub, The Ivy I think it was called, very nice although there was far too much meet iin the pie for my liking.  A great end to a fantastic walk.


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