Posted by: sweetpea | June 11, 2007

Chelsea Flower Show 2007

Well I guess I ought to write a little bit about Chelsea, a bit late I know, but better late than never.  In fact I don’t seem to be getting as much time to write these days, but I will try and post updates as often as I can.

It was my first visit to Chelsea and what a wounderful day we had despite the cold. We arrived at 8.30am and left at 6pm, and spent our time wondering around the show gardens, Main Marquee and listening to a lecture on sustainable design.  I could go into great depth as to what we saw etc, but I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to convey in words the visual splendour that is Chelsea, so I will instead give you some photos of my favourite gardens (I’m afraid some don’t do the gardens justice as with the crowds it’s so hard to get the right angle!).  


Amnesty International Garden – I loved the use of the succulents and pebbles to create a rug type effect on the floor of this garden, in fact I loved all the planting.

The Tribute to Linnaeus Garden – The use of just white in this garden made it so tranquil.


The Fortnum & Mason Garden – This garden had both a formal and cottage garden feel to it depending on which angle you viewed it from, very effective and beautiful.


The Bejewelled Garden – This was just like a jewel, I loved the use of colour in the planting.


The Un Tei Garden of clouds – This was probably my favourite garden of all, it reminded me of childhood fairytales and ancient woodlands.


Realistic retreat – I thought this was a lovely courtyard type garden, a perfect little retreat from an urban life.


Fetzer sustainable winery garden – I think this garden was a close second favourite of mine, I just love the colours of the wildflowers and the natural feel it has.


Upstairs Downstairs Garden – I loved the use of colour in this garden, both in the planting and the hard landscaping.


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