Posted by: sweetpea | June 12, 2007

Quick update on the lottie

Thought I’d better do a quick mention of things I have planted/sown recently:

Winter and Summer Squashes planted out last weekend, these included : Courgette ‘All Green bush’; Patti pan white; Delicata squash; Lady Godiva squash; Blue Kuri squash; Marina di Chioggia Squash; Trombolino Squash; Crook Necked Squash; Waltham Butternut squash; Burgess Buttercup squash; Potimarron squash.

Cucumbers planted out a week ago: crystal apple and crystal lemon (not sure if these are the same).

Lablab bean planted out at the weekend.

Seed sown last night: Various lettuce; Pak choi; Mustard greens; Swiss chard; Salsola; Salad burnet; Edible leaf carrot (I presume you can eat the roots too); Various oriental greens whose names I can’t remember!

Peas planted out last week: Table top; Clarke’s Beltony Blue. Interestingly the pigeons or pheasant have been nibbling at the green table top seedlings but haven’t touched the Blue ones so good to know if you have a real problem with pigeons!  As these are both HSL varieties I’m not sure whether or not to eat some of them or just grow them for the seed this year, guess it depends on how productive they are.


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