Posted by: sweetpea | June 19, 2007

First potatoes of 2007


These are not the first things I’ve harvested this year, but somehow the first potatoes of the year always make me feel excited.  They’re ‘Lady Balfour’ potatoes, and I had them for my tea on Sunday with the accompanying ‘The Sutton’ Broad beans, Fat-hen, Borage, and mint.  I had started to worry about these particular potatoe plants because they weren’t looking terribly healthy and there didn’t seem to be any sign of them flowering, but the potatoes are fine so I’m assuming that they are just dying back and that maybe this particular variety doesn’t flower.

On Sunday I had a second attempt at erecting my greenhouse frame, and this time luck was on my side. The cover is definitely on it’s last legs because all the repairs I’ve done to it have made it shrink a little, but being as I got the whole lot free on freecycle I think it’s done really well.  I’m sure I can find another use for the frame next year, maybe even a fruit cage for my raspberries as I noticed something has been nibbling at them already, suspect it must have been birds as now I’ve netted them they seem untouched.

I had a bit of a shock on Sunday when I checked the waterbuts.  With all the rain we;’ve had I was expecting them to be half full, especially since when I checked them early last week they were already a third full.  So when I found them at a lower level than they were last week I figure something had gone wrong with my DIY job.  Sure enough they are all leeking from the connectors, only a little, but it’s enough to warrant something about it or there is no point having them.  I’ve tried using some bathroom sealant to see if that will do the trick, only thing is that I now have to leave it a week I recon to set before I can reconnect them to the downpipe, a shame given that we are supposed to be getting more rain towards the end of the week. 

I also potted up my aubergines, peppers and some of my melons.  This year they are all going in buckets with ring culture collars on top as it gave the best results last year.  Fingers crossed I’ll get a couple more melons this year too.

I’ll leave you with a few photo’s from Sunday, including one of the pond at the house so you can see how good it’s looking since my clean-up.










  1. Crikey didn’t know you could eat borage- just know that the bees love it and that you can put the flowers in your Pimms apparently!
    I grew lots on my lottie last year and kept some of the seeds however I must have missed loads as it seeded everywhere-some seedlings I kept,others I’m taking up to school for both the wildlife area and the perennial bed I look after.There were so many seedlings that I confess I pulled out several hundred this week and composted them so please if borage is edible just how do you cook/eat it please?

  2. Hi Jean

    I think you can eat the leaves raw although they are apparently very hairy and rough so probably not that nice. I steamed them and that seems to get rid of the hairyness, and apparently they have a taste similar to cucumber, although as i was eating them with fat-hen I couldn’t tell what was what. Basically I think you can use them as you would spinach, and I’d probably go for the younger leaves.

    SP x

  3. I did get some spuds from beneath the snow on New Years Day. Waiting to get back to Japan to dig up those sown this year. Interesting to read about the borage.

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