Posted by: sweetpea | June 26, 2007

Flooding damage


Yesterday we had some of the heaviest rain we’ve had in a long time, especially for June, in fact I think it rained heavily pretty much all day.  As I’d caught the bus into work I didn’t get a chance to check on things at the lottie until this morning.  I was disappointed but not surprised to find that the greenhouse was no longer standing, I think the combination of the weight of water that would have collected in the flimsy plastic on the roof, and the battering from wind caused the plastic connectors to snap.  So the greenhouse has died, but I’m sure it will be re-born as something else, possibly a fruit cage for the raspberries if there are still enough good connectors 🙂


One thing I wouldn’t have expected to see this morning was the pond at the house half full, but having seen it last night it wasn’t surprising. I arrived home from work yesterday and noticed that the water mint seemed to have toppled over so I went to reposition it only to find that the reason it had toppled over was that the pond had flooded from underneath the liner.  The liner was bulging up from the bottom and sides, pushing out the pond water.  I hope we haven’t lost too many tadpoles or water creatures.

And just a very quick update on the lottie, Tony helped me to do some weeding at the weekend, it’s amazing how much more you can get done when there are two of you.  So I now have a bit more space for planting, all I have to do now it decide what to plant, think it’ll have to be the brassica as they’ve been ready to plant out for ages!


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